Obama to meet Irish prime minster on Saint Patrick's Day

Washington  - US President Barack Obama will host Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen at the White House March 17 to mark Saint Patrick's Day, a spokesman said Thursday.

New U2 Single Broadcast On Dublin Radio

After a 30-second leak of their new single early this weekend, U2 decided to stream the entire track of their up-tempo, new single 'Get On Your Boots' from the band's first album in 5-years, on RTE

Skin cancer increases risk of other cancers

A latest research indicates that melanoma, the severest form of cancer could double the risk of other cancers. The less severe skin cancers were also associated with other primary cancers. But the risks were less as compared to melanoma.

Ireland plans 7.5-billion banking bail-out package

Dublin  - Ireland's government plans to inject up to 7.5 billion euros (10.5 billion dollars) into the banking system to support the country's three largest banks, a news report said Monday.