Las Vegas

Panasonic introduces new Blu-ray Players

After a mastery over the fundamental Blu-ray functions - such as BD-Live and high-resolution audio decoding - Panasonic has gone a step ahead with its introduction of three new Blu-ray players at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

‘Pre’ smartphone from Palm steals the show

Palm, the smartphone leader with its Treo, fell on tough times against rivals like Blackberry’s Research In Motion and iPhone’s Apple – but not any more! Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show saw Palm unveiling its latest smartphone - Pre Palm – a glossy, touch-screen phone featuring a hidden, slide-down QWERTY keyboard.

SanDisk releases music player with slotRadio card

A portable digital music system was unveiled by SanDisk on Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new Sansa MP3 music player – to compete with Apple’s iPod – is based on memory cards preloaded with songs, and is a companion line of slotRadio music cards.

Sony unveils 21-inch TV with OLED technology

Wednesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw the unveiling of Sony’s latest paper-thin televisions with OLED (organic light emitting diode) panel. Though slightly pricey for average households, the 21-inch TVs are simply awesome!

Grim mood at US tech-fests

San Francisco/Las Vegas  - With bad news shooting from every sector of the economy, the fact that the main technology show in the US is only slightly smaller than last year is seen by organizers as a noteworthy accomplishment in itself.