Harvard endowment lost 22% in last four months

The world’s richest university, Harvard University, is expecting its worst ever annual returns in four decades, with its endowment lost 22 percent, or roughly $8 billion, in the last four months. The decline brings the school’s endowment from $36.9 billion on June 30 to $28.7 billion by the end of October.

11% US children without health coverage in 2007

Families USA, a nonpartisan organization representing healthcare consumers, reported that the number of American children without health insurance declined by about 6 percent last year.

Arson suspect jailed decade without trial

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Nov. 29 -- A woman accused of setting a fire that killed five people in Lynn, Mass., has been in prison for 10 years without ever being convicted, officials acknowledge.

Kathleen Hilton, now a 61-year-old grandmother, has been held at MCI-Framingham the past decade while attorneys wrangle over her case, The Boston Globe reported Friday.

Mystery Piano Found In Cape Cod Woods Perplexes Police

A perfectly tuned Baldwin Acrosonic piano in good working condition has been found in the middle of Cape Cod woods, and which has the authorities of Harwich, Massachusetts in a bind, wondering whet