Propella 4.0 7-speed e-bike brings numerous upgrades over previous version

Propella 4.0 7-speed e-bike brings numerous upgrades over previous version

The Propella V4.0 electric bicycle (e-bike) is an excellent option for those who might be in search of a lightweight, straightforward and hassle-free personal mobility solution.

Layoffs Continue At Microsoft

Microsoft Lays off 800 more

Software giant, Microsoft has made yet another layoff of about 800 employees belonging to different locations and businesses this Wednesday. This layoff completes the initially projected 5000 job cuts announced earlier in January.

Microsoft launches OneApp platform for non-smart phones


Aiming to enable access to mobile apps for handsets with limited processing power and memory, especially the "feature phones" and prepaid systems in the emerging markets, Microsoft Monday launched its OneApp platform.

NPD Group analyst: Microsoft’s upgrade price for Windows 7 “expensive and painful”


The recent Microsoft announcement pertaining to pricing of Windows 7 may actually prove to be a hindrance in the company's endeavors both of moving users off the not-so-new Windows XP as well as wiping away their memories of a terrible Windows Vista experience!

Microsoft unveils its no-controller “Natal” technology at E3


At the Monday news conference that marked the beginning of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo - E3 - in Los Angeles, software biggie Microsoft Monday unveiled its "no-controller" technology for its popular Xbox 360 video game console.