Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia restores access to Facebook within hours of blocking it

Saudi Arabia restores access to Facebook within hours of blocking it

Within hours of blocking popular social network Facebook, saying that the site had “crossed a line” in regard to the country’s conservative values, Saudi Arabia soon reversed its stance and restored access to the site.

US Support of Saudi Arabian Armament

US Support of Saudi Arabian Armament

The Defence Department of the Obama government announces the selling plan of a  $60 billion worth aircraft armament package to the Gulf in order to realize security efforts overseas.

The deal with Saudi Arabia is the most capacious weapon deal, the US has ever concluded, including  Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or JDAMs also known as one-ton bombs.

SABIC Looks Forward to Better Profits in Q2

SABIC Looks Forward to Better Profits in Q2

Saudi Basic Industries Corp. has shared that it is expecting its Sharq, Yansab and Tianjin plants to leave a positive impact on the petrochemical maker in the second quarter of this year.

77 Muslims killed while performing Hajj by Saudi floods

Saudi floods

Following the heaviest rainfall in years, floods in Saudi Arabia have killed 77 people and many more could be missing.

A spokesman for the Saudi interior ministry said that there were no casualties among the millions attending the Hajj pilgrimage.

The start of the annual Muslim event in the city of Mecca was disturbed by the heavy rainstorms on Wednesday.

H1N1 virus kills four pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

The H1N1 pandemic claimed four more lives of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia who were participating in the annual Mecca pilgrimage.

Health officials reported that they had not been vaccinated against the swine flu virus and came from Morocco, Sudan and Nigeria.


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