Alzheimer Scotland says dementia is “the greatest public issue”

Alzheimer Scotland

Cautioning the Scottish government that the number of dementia patients in Scotland would likely increase by about 60,000 within a generation, a charity organization - Alzheimer Scotland - has urged the government to invest nearly £15 million per year, for the next five years, to help people diagnosed with dementia.

A third Scottish men and a fourth Scottish women drink a dangerous amount of alcohol


Recent survey revealed that more than a million Scots are drowning themselves in alcohol without getting help. The survey found that nearly one in three Scottish men and one in four women is drinking a dangerous amount of alcohol.

‘Binge drinking’ on the increase in middle-aged Scottish women

According to the findings of a research published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 'binge drinking' is on the increase in the present times vis-à-vis the scenario almost a decade back, with middle-aged women hitting the bottle far too often than they did in the past.

Consumer watchdog issues health warning after water coolers fail contamination tests

After Consumer Focus Scotland found 26 percent water coolers in Edinburgh, the Lothian and Borders failing in one or more safety and hygiene standards, the consumer watchdog has cautioned that unclean water coolers could be a risk factor, affecting the health of the Scots.

New Anti-Smoking Laws to Be Unveiled

The Scottish Government is setting a new legislation in the hope of dissuading young people from smoking. The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill, being published at Holyrood will be a joint effort by the Scottish Government, HM Revenue and Customs, and council trading standards officers.