The Patriots Rope in Floyd Reese

The New England Patriots have signed up former Tennessee Titans general manager Floyd Reese as part of a reorganization of the team's front office. Reese has been responsible for building the Tennessee Titans' 1999 AFC championship team and might be able to provide invaluable expertise in talent evaluation and contracts.

An English-only measure in Nashville fails

Nashville, Tennessee. Voters have rejected a proposal making all government business to be done in English. There were 25,573 votes against the proposed amendment and 20,329 in favor.

If the referendum had got a clearance, the only possible government exceptions to the English-only law would have been health and safety.

Pap Smear Tests Get Bolstered Efforts

Renewed efforts to get women to undergo regular pap tests are underway with a new poster campaign in Forth Valley as a part of Tennessee's participation in the nationwide observance of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Antipsychotics can cause sudden heart failure

Antipsychotic drugs which are prescribed for schizophrenia, autism and dementia can make the patients twice susceptible to death due to sudden heart failure.

The drugs in question have replaced the older and much cheaper drugs on the premise that they are more effective.

Parkinson’s Patients Fare Better with Brain Implants

Parkinson’s Patients Fare Better with Brain ImplantsA study, released Tuesday by the Journ