New Conficker strain updates already-infected machines using peer-to-peer techniques

New Conficker strain updates already-infected machines using peer-to-peer techni

Though the scheduled April 1 deadline for an update of Conficker worm came and went without much harm, the worm has recently released an update that could trigger the botnet for transporting spam and turning infected PCs into automatons.

WSJ reports say US power grid infiltrated by cyberspies; malicious software installed!

Wall Street Journal

According to Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, the US electrical grid is exposed to cyber attack, following its infiltration by Chinese and Russian cyberspies, who have installed malicious software that can either stop power supply or cause a system disorder.

IOActive researchers discover security vulnerabilities in the Smart Grid

IOActive researchers discover security vulnerabilities in the Smart Grid

The researchers with the Seattle security consultancy IOActive have discovered quite a few flaws in the up-and-coming network of intelligent power switches - the Smart Grid - after conducting a year-long test to determine security vulnerabilities.

Security researcher’s second consecutive win of Pwn2Own Mac hacking contest

The Pwn2Own contest of hacking into a MacBook has been won by Charlie Miller this time round too - the second consecutive win of the CanSecWest contest for the security researcher! Moreover, Miller also bettered his record time - while last year he broke into the Mac in two minutes, this year he achieved the feat in an astonishing less than 10 seconds.

Privacy group asks FTC to probe the sufficiency of Google security safeguards

Google's accidental release of private information of users this month has led to an online privacy group's calling upon the federal regulators to probe into the sufficiency of the security safeguards by Google.


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