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Facebook to marginalize “clickbait” news stories from publishers in its news feed

Facebook to marginalize “clickbait” news stories from publishers in its news fee

On Thursday, social network Facebook announced that it is bringing about a change to its news feed algorithm, so that "clickbait" news stories from publishers can be marginalized in the news feed.

No more annoying Chrome notifications for Apple’s OS X users

Finally, Google has announced changes to its annoying Chrome notifications and the company is coming up with some changes in Chrome's notification system to make it better compatible with Apple's O

Newegg starts its customer support with Facebook Messenger

California based online retail company Newegg has enabled a new feature, through which users can interact with retailer's customer service on one of the most popular app Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app has 800 million monthly active users.

Google collaborates with Rackspace to snatch Intel’s share in data centers market

On Wednesday, Alphabet Inc.'s Google said that it has collaborated with Rackspace Hosting Inc., in order to develop a data center server that will run on a new IBM OpenPower chip rather than Intel processors. The new IBM OpenPower chip is known as Power9.

Volvo wants to test 100 autonomous cars in China

On Thursday morning, Swedish multinational automobile maker Volvo announced its plan to test 100 autonomous cars on the public roads in China in normal traffic conditions.