Technology Sector

Broadcom unveils single-stream 802.11n chip

The BCM4329, released by Broadcom on Monday, is the latest of its so-called combo wireless chips, designed to bring high-end wireless features to handsets and portable media devices by reducing chi

Intel uses silicon photonics for fast, cheap optical links

In a development announced in the journal Nature Photonics, Intel is claiming 'world record' performance in optical communications using silicon photonics, which it says is essential for "ultra-fas

Adobe announces job cuts, lowers revenue outlook

San Jose-based Adobe Systems Inc said on Wednesday that it has taken steps "to reduce its headcount by approximately 600 full-time positions globally" - that is, around 8 percent of its workforce. Abode spokeswoman, Jodi Sorensen, said it would be an across-the-board headcount reduction, impacting all geographic regions and company divisions.

China launches satellite

ChinaThe Chinese Space Technology Academy announced the Monday launch of a remote sensing satellite, sent aloft on a Long March-2D carrier rocket.

UK agency bans Apple iPhone’s “really fast” ad

Apple iPhoneFor the second time in four months, an Apple iPhone ad has been banned from British airwaves, with the country's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) asking Apple to drop yet another commercial for the iPhone 3G.