IHIs to protect identity in OZ

IHIs to protect identity in OZ

To keep records of well-known personalities people in OZ will soon be given fake identities. A 16-digit health ID number will be ssigned to everyone to serve this purpose.

The federal agency responsible for the rollout yesterday stated that this identity would lessen the risks of exposure to someoneā€™s information.

"There was a "need to provide special protection for vulnerable people such as well-known personalities and victims of domestic violence. Pseudonymisation is not intended to be a generally available option," a spokesperson for NEHTA said.

The 16-digit number would be called individual healthcare identifiers or IHIs. Information like names and dates of birth will be stored in these numbers.

Currently, Australians by not using their Medicare card have an access to unspecified medical care.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon declined to comment on this yesterday but has in the past said that e-health would have strict, legislative protocols.