School Staff Injected with Insulin Instead of H1N1 Vaccine

H1N1 Vaccine

As has been shared by Wellesley officials, many of an elementary school's staff members had to be hospitalized immediately when they were administered shots of insulin instead of H1N1 injections. Superintendent Bella Wong confirmed that none of the students were in danger at the vaccine clinic that was held for the staff on Friday at the Schofield Elementary School.

All the people who had been injected with the wrong medicine have successfully recovered.

Ms. Wong, in a letter send out to the staff and parents, clarified that the insulin had belonged to students with diabetes, and was provided by their parents.

Superintendent Wong also mentioned in the letter that the school nurse who had administered the shots has now been placed on "paid administrative leave pending an investigation". The name of the nurse has not been given out.

As many as 6 staff members had been affected by the mix-up.