Astronomers Busy Witnessing "Remarkable" Collision of Two Asteroids

Astronomers Busy Witnessing "Remarkable" Collision of Two Asteroids

Astronomers are currently busy watching what they say is a "remarkable" collision which is happening between two asteroids far away and deep into space. It these experts are right, this is the first time that a high-speed crash between huge space rocks has ever been witnessed.

Dr Robert McMillan at Kitt Peak, Arizona, has imaged the mystery comet and collision, and it is believed that the cosmic crash is happening about 250 million miles away, in a band of debris that is lying between Mars and Jupiter.

LINEAR, an automatic sky camera which is in New Mexico, had been able to snap a newly discovered object over the area that seems to be "fuzzy" with a tail like a comet, instead of a dot of light which is shown by a normal asteroid.

The new discovery has been christened P/2010 A2.

Ardent and alert watchers have shared that what they are seeing seems to be a unique "ringside view of a hypervelocity collision" that has ended throwing up a large cloud of gas and dust.

Although the asteroid belt is full of debris from possible collisions, never before has a crash been witnessed while it is happening.