Melamine Tainted Milk Products in China

Melamine Tainted Milk Products in China

In a repeat of the original milk safety scandal of 2008, when six children died and 300,000 were sickened after drinking melamine contaminated baby formula, authorities in the south west China province of Guizhou, have yet again found traces of the industrial chemical which is used to manufacture fertilizers and plastics, in the milk products in China.

After an inspection by the Health department yielded traces of the toxic chemical, all frozen milk products and milk cartons dating to early part of 2009 were ordered off the shelf. The contaminated products belonged to three companies, Zibo Lusaier Dairy, Liaoning Tieling Wuzhou Food and Laoting Kaida Refrigeration, of which Laoting Kaida Refrigerationhad been involved in the 2008 scandal as well.

The discovery could further tarnish China's image which had already received a monumental blow following the 2008 fiasco, when it had vowed stricter regulation over quality control of all dairy products. However, the latest incident proves that the government is finding it hard to implement all of its good intentions.

Six people had been executed for their role in the original melamine scandal.