Concern raised for child protection cases

Concern raised for child protection cases

Child Protection Minister Kon Vatskalis raised concerns about the way cases related to child protection were being handled while tabling an interim report from the Children's Commissioner.

His comments were due to a report regarding an 8-week-old baby who died in a hospital one month after child services declined to investigate.

According to the report there was domestic violence at the baby's home regarding which concerns were raised.

After about a month the baby boy died in hospital and the case was referred to the coroner.

According to the report health professionals who have worked with infants before be considered for assessing children's risk status.

It was also found that there were delays in investigation and notification due to chronic workforce issues.

Vatskalis has vowed to take action to change the department.

He said, "Obviously there hasn't been enough support; obviously there hasn't been enough leadership in the department. I have spoken already to the new acting director of the department. I have given clear directions that she has to go in, use a broom and get rid of people that can't deliver. Nothing is going to be fixed unless we've got a department that functions properly."

The Chief Minister, Paul Henderson, said that his government not making enough efforts was unacceptable.