Android G2 rumored to release soon

According to reports by the T-Mobile blog Cell Phone Signal, Android G2 - the second HTC-built phone built for the T-Mobile network running Google's Android platform - is well on its way. Rumor also has it that the date of release of the device is January 26, 2009!

The launch date, which is still an unconfirmed rumor, means that T-Mobile would risk enraging the buyers of its recent G1, by launching an updated version within just a few months.

The highlights of the rumored G2 include the removal of the physical QWERTY keyboard - though there would still be a trackball at the bottom; a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with a flash; a memory card slot for up to 16 GB; a full touch-screen; VGA camera for video calls; and Wi-Fi connectivity. Expected to be non-exclusive to T-Mobile, the new device can be sold elsewhere around the world.

A few of the changes coming to Android are bug fixes, which affect elements such as e-mail, conversation-list scrolling, and the alarm clock. However, there is an addition of new features too, like the ability to save MMS attachments; and also upgrading Linux kernel - upon which Android runs - to version 2.6.27, and "basic x86 support."

The blog Boy Genius Report has a follow-up rumor that says the specs of G2, mentioned by the blog CellPhone Signal are more or less accurate, but that the device will actually be released in April.