Apple’s iPad to be available at “partners like Best Buy”

Apple’s iPad to be available at “partners like Best Buy”

In his all-encompassing half-hour-long Tuesday conversation with investors at the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference in San Francisco, Apple's chief operating officer (COO) Tim Cook went into raptures over the forthcoming iPad tablet computer; briefed the audience about Apple's plans for retail expansion; and gave an overview of Apple's other products.

With the Apple COO saying at the conference that the iPad will be available at a number of locations, other than Apple's retail store, AppleInsider has reported that the device can be bought from Apple directly as well as from "partners like Best Buy."

At its special January media event that witnessed the unveiling of the tablet, Apple had introduced two iPad models, costing between $499 and $899. Bothe the models feature up to 64GB of disk space, microphone, accelerometers, Bluetooth, ambient light sensors, and digital compass with assisted GPS technologies.

Since the initial models of the iPad will feature only Wi-Fi, Cook did not mention about the availability of the device from AT&T's retail locations - that probably will be disclosed later when, a month after the initial release, iPad's
3G, Wi-Fi models will hit the stores.

Meanwhile, noting that the users will love the unique iPad experience, Cook said: "When they play with the iPad and experience the magic of using it... I have a hard time believing they're going to go for a netbook."