According to Developers, Apple May Add Explicit Option in App Store

App Store

Apple's crusade to shield iPhone and iPod touch users from "overtly sexual content" has taken a new turn.

On Wednesday, Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac, and Recombu reported that Apple has added a new "Explicit" option to the list of categories from which developers should choose when submitting an application through the iTunes Connect app-registration system.

Based on the addition, it seems that Cupertino is possibly preparing an Adults Only department in the iTunes App Store.

The iTunes Connect Developer Guide, did not list “Explicit’ among its Primary Category selections. But there is no reason to doubt those developers who did see the “Explicit” category in iTunes Connect. Nor there is any reason to doubt those who did not.

As Rogue Amoeba's, Paul Kafasis told The Reg, iTunes Connect updates inconsistently. "For a time (a few hours, maybe a day or two), we might still see an older list", he said. "This happens because iTunes Connect is served up by a whole bank of machines, and things get rolled out individually".

This means that some developers might see the Explicit category, and some may not.

However, if Apple does introduce the category, chances are that it will feature restrictions to prevent it from being accessed by minors.