The Revamped Porsche Cayenne Set to be Launched in NZ

The Revamped Porsche Cayenne Set to be Launched in NZ

The new, revamped version of the Porsche Cayenne was unveiled at Geneva yesterday, which will be launched in New Zealand in July.

But mind you, this hybrid is no snail. The performance of the new Porsche sets out to show Kiwis that green can be mean, even when it is more than average sized. A mutation of clean electrics with bad boy supercharged petrol V6 - will give this version enough power to maintain all-important SUV supremacy in any traffic light GP.

Still, the model does not let go off its "green" tag. Porsche says, "It uses less fuel than any pure petrol edition and provides opportunity, in the right conditions, to cruise at almost 160kmh on electric power alone, albeit for just a few kilometers". The company calls it, "V8 power with V6 economy".

Porsche New Zealand is positive that the model will work here. It believes that the "Hybrid is expected to further boost sales of the big bad machine, that even in the face of a global economic recession, continues to be a strong seller, accounting for almost half of all Porsche sales here in 2009".

Greg Clarke, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Auckland-based distributor, says, "Whether New Zealand buyers will show similar interest is not yet clear, but so far the signs are good".

"Until we have local pricing and specification this is difficult to gauge, however dealers are reporting a number of enquiries since the knowledge of the Cayenne S Hybrid became public", he added.