Fast-growing ‘Posterous’ receives $4.4 million investment from Redpoint Ventures

Redpoint Ventures

A $4.4 million investment from Redpoint Ventures has been received by the 2008-founded fast-growing publishing platform 'Posterous' - a company that regularly releases new products; one of the most recent ones being Post. ly, which allows users to share media on their Twitter account.

The latest investment round was led by Satish Dharmaraj, who is an individual investor in Posterous; and has recently joined the board of directors of the company.

Functioning in a fairly simple manner, Posterous - a Y Combinator company founded by Sachin Agarwal, Garry Tan and Brett Gibson - essentially facilitates the process of posting pictures online, by allowing its users to just email their photos to a specially-created account,

Though initially used for posting pictures online, Posterous is now being increasingly used for videos as well as text blogs. The company, which has refrained from charging "nickel and dime" consumer fees for its product, does not impose any restrictions on usage, storage, CSS customization or even the use of the consumer's own domain.

With Posterous already boasting 12 million unique monthly visitors, CEO Sachin Agarwal is constantly endeavoring to add new products, so as to help the company achieve its goal - that of becoming "synonymous with "posting" just like Google is synonymous with "search".