Travel organizer TripIt raises $7 million in third funding round

Azure Capital Partners, AlphaTech Ventures

The San-Francisco-based startup TripIt, the 'intelligent' travel organizer that helps travelers manage their plans to ensure a smooth trip, recently raised $7 million in a third funding round; led by new investor Azure Capital Partners, along with O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, which also participated in the company's earlier two funding rounds.

The key idea that TripIt, which has thus far raised $13.1 million in all, focuses on is the consolidation of complete travel information about a traveler's trip - including, among a number of other things, the flight itinerary, hotel, maps, and weather information.

To avail TripIt's services, travelers need only to forward their travel confirmation emails. Thereafter, the TripIt 'Itinerator' processes the correlated bookings into a master itinerary - it transforms unstructured emails into structured data to allow TripIt to smartly undertake pertinent tasks for the user, by combining all the related data from its websites and services.

In addition, the company boasts a new 'groups' feature that allows travelers to economize on their travel plans by pooling resources with colleagues; as well as a pro service with real-time alerts.

In its recent measures to further enhance the service, TripIt has introduced an application for professional networking site LinkedIn, as a part od its attempts to integrate with other services and applications; allowing other companies to build applications over and above TripIt's own data and services on a revenue-sharing basis.