Steve Jobs Takes iPad Promotion to the Oscars

Steve Jobs Takes iPad Promotion to the Oscars

Reports by some avid and sharp-eyed bloggers have speculated that Steve Jobs made an appearance at the 82nd Academy Awards on Sunday evening. The Apple CEO was there, apparently, not in his popular turtleneck, but a designer tux.

Wayne Sutton, popular blogger and Internet video personality, managed to snap away some shots as well, and even though the pictures are from far away, the man does look like Steve Jobs most definitely. The blogger posted these pictures accompanies with "OMG it's Steve Jobs! I'm the only one yelling at him".

Apple, however, has decided to maintain silence on the speculation. While Jobs has every reason to be at the Oscars, with him always having been involved with the Hollywood fraternity, this time's visit could have something to do with the upcoming iPad.

Movie sales and rentals in Apple' iTunes Store have always required large-scale negotiations with the entertainment industry, and this is bound to get even more complicated with the iPad. Also, the Apple CEO, who is currently the largest individual shareholder in Disney, could have been there because "Up", a Pixar movie, has received nominations for the Best Animated Feature and Best Picture category this year. The best bet is that he was there to serve both the purposes, with a little extra inclination towards the iPad.