Facebook Criticized for Loose Online Privacy Norms

Facebook Criticized for Loose Online Privacy Norms

Facebook, one of the most visited social networking websites, is facing serious charges concerned with the online safety norms. The media reported of the murder and sexual assault of teenager Ashleigh Hall by Peter Chapman, aged 33. He disguised himself to be a young boy and arranged for a live meeting with her on Facebook.

The incident has come out to be an alert to the parents of various children registered on Facebook. It has been reported that the convict was a homeless individual who never use to leave out any offline or online opportunity to meet people with evil plan on his mind.

Facebook has been condemned many times in the past for its unprofessional behavior in terms of the online protection. The founder of Facebook commented that users do not look forward to privacy in online services. Daily Mail after an investigation disclosed that teenagers registered on Facebook were being advanced more often by men asking for sexual favors within minutes of logging on to the website. The Home Secretary has suggested Facebook to start embracing Ceop button to help to curb child abuse.

A spokesman for Facebook confirms that the use Ceop button would not be of much help to its online security system and there is a probability of its not coinciding with the reporting buttons it already has on its website. He further said, "We work closely working with police forces in the UK and around the world and have trained staff on two continents giving 24 hour support in 70 languages."