Alcohol Multiplies Risk of Liver Diseases in Obese People

Alcohol Multiplies Risk of Liver Diseases in Obese People

A recent report published in the British Medical Journal has revealed that wine adds to the risk of liver disease in obese women. The report also suggests that one pint of beer per day increases the risk of the disease in an obese male by 19 times that in an underweight of normal one.

The researchers have explained that those having a body mass index above 30, fall in the category of obese people.

Dr Bette Liu, a Cancer Epidemiologist from Oxford University, said that obesity gives way to fat build-up in the liver forming fatty acids. The fatty acids may lead to liver inflammation and cirrhosis.

"From a public health perspective, reducing both excessive alcohol consumption and excessive body weight should lead to a reduction in the incidence of liver cirrhosis", said Dr. Dr Liu.

The researchers from the Oxford University analyzed more than a million women aged above 56.

Dr. Liu concluded that the big size of the study enabled the team to understand the difference in the effects of different consumption levels of alcohol and obesity on liver cirrhosis.