Twitter Plans to Move into China


After Google’s decision to leave China, Twitter has plans to move into the Middle Kingdom.

Twitter Creator, Jack Dorsey announced this news in a New York assembly sponsored by news site ReadWriteWeb.

In a report on Tuesday's New York Times, Dorsey was asked by a Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei, if Chinese-language access to Twitter would come out. To this, he answered yes, “It's just a matter of time".

By “time”, whether he meant internet time or geological time, nobody knows. But to produce a Chinese twitter, various time-consuming barriers will have to be crossed.

To get through the Great Firewall of China, is a tough battle in both technical and political terms.

However, the strength of a Chinese Twitter cannot be ruled out. In a blatantly censored state like China, short tweets of "here's what's going on" will possibly help activists' to keep a track of Government activities, and on each other.

And according to Ai, Chinese language will enable richer tweets.

"At 140 words, in Chinese, you can really write a novel. You can discuss most profound ideas really to democracy, freedom, poetry", said Ai.