FDA Approves First Totally Implanted Hearing Aid

Envoy Medical Corporation

The advanced implanted hearing system is the revealed to be the first completely implanted system which has grabbed an approval by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for adults suffering from moderate-to-severe sensorineural hearing loss, a permanent lack of hearing.

A Twin Cities medical company can now market it merchandise.

The system make use of sensors, processors, and drivers to convert vibrations in the eardrum and middle ear bones into electrical signals that are finally amplified and filtered to compensate for the losses in the sounds and speech signals.

The FDA approval is initiated based on a multicenter clinical trial involving 61 patients comparing Esteem to pre-implant hearing aids, revealing that nearly 56% of them scored better with the new device, with a net 93% scoring beating, in line with the initial scores on the test.

In addition, the test revealed many participants to experience implant procedure-related side effects, with 42% reporting some taste disturbance and 7% with facial paralysis.

However, most of the adverse impacts that came in light during the test were resolved over the course of the year-long study, the FDA said in the release.

Despite, this as the device manufactured by Envoy Medical Corporation is first of its kind with totally different functionality. Hence, FDA approval has emerged as a huge surprise.

Many criticize that the device needs through testing for the drug efficacy and safety, initiating conduction of two post-approval studies, including a five-year follow up of clinical trial patients, as well as a second study involving almost twice as many participants measuring the rate of facial paralysis within a month after device implantation, and in a five-year follow up.