Microsoft’s New Service Pack for Windows 7

Windows 7

On Thursday, Microsoft declared that it has released its first service pack for Windows 7, which will include only slight updates.

Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc, in his post stated that, for Windows 7, SP1 includes only minor updates which would be done soon.

He further commented that the company was not yet ready to declare a certain time structure, for both the beta or final version of the service pack. But, he said that businesses should not wait for the update any more. He asked companies to start with their process of installing the new technology and take advantage of the excellent product.

On the server side, the service pack for Windows Server 2008 R2 will comprise of two novel virtualization features--Microsoft RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory. Windows 7 SP1 will contain the client-side support for RemoteFX.

Microsoft says it will be giving more detailed information regarding SP1 over the next several months.

After the full fledged completion of development of the product, Microsoft said that, it would put together the Windows 7 service pack, accessible for download and through Windows Update.