BYD Following Buffett’s Footsteps

BYD Following Buffett’s Footsteps

Build Your Dreams, or BYD, is moving towards a more conventional investment strategy. This move is something that Warren Buffett would recommend. BYD is shifting from its objective of mass producing an electric vehicle in China this year.

In a press release issued this week by BYD, the company charted a less radical plan for the production of its electric vehicle in China. The company will manufacture 100 models to be used as taxis in Shenzhen, in lieu of producing the E6 on a grand scale. Further production is contingent on the success of this plan.

Since the company is deserting the plan of mass production of the electric car in China, it will have to depend on other methods to achieve profitability. It is anticipated the BYD will lay focus on the production of the F3 model. F3 may not be as radical as the electric car, but this sedan has quickly risen in popularity in China.

The electric car automobile market is budding and with E6, BYD is likely to achieve great success. However until then, the company has to take measures to ascertain that it continues to provide investors with secure returns.