BC to Contribute $25 Million Towards Spinal Cord Research

Spinal Cord Research

Official announcements have confirmed that BC would be donating a sum of $25 Million towards spinal cord injury research.

The announcement was made by Premier Gordon Campbell in Sunday, which marked the 25th anniversary of Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion world tour, as well as the very last day of the Winter Paralympic Games.

"Throughout the Games, athletes with physical disabilities showed the world what they can do, and this $25 million will help others with disabilities succeed against the odds”, Mr. Campbell said.

In addition to BC's contribution, Ottawa will be providing another $13.5 Million over the course of three consecutive years.

The donated funds would go towards the Rick Hansen Institute, which is basically a whole new initiative that was announced by Hansen on Sunday, directed towards formalizing research centers, connecting people from all across the globe and helping them make significant contributions towards research and care regarding spinal cord.

Hansen currently has a goal of raising as much as $200 million for institute resources and other innovations that would support the cause.