Virgin Media Offers 3D TV Content

Virgin Media

Virgin Media, the cable television provider aims at offering 3D TV content to its subscribers. This will be made possible through an on demand service.

The company has moved away from its decision to launch an exclusive 3D TV channel. The on demand 3D service comes in lieu of a separate television channel.

Customers will be able to view the 3D content with the aid of special 3D glasses.

Virgin Media is exhibiting its 3D TV content, made up of films, TV and games, at the Ideal Home Show, at Earls Court in London. To obtain a demo, visitors have to wear 3D glasses.

The glasses are priced at different rates. There are both economical and expensive versions of the glasses. Those interested in purchasing the glasses can choose a pair that is suitable for them and fits in their budget.

Virgin Media perceives 3D TV and situates in a unique event category of service. Its insight of the service is very different from its competitor BSkyB. Given the special status accorded to 3D TV by Virgin Media, it is only befitting that the service is offered on demand.