Have Glaucoma Afflicted Eyes? Include Vitamin E in Contact Lenses

Have Glaucoma Afflicted Eyes?  Include Vitamin E in Contact Lenses

A Greek philosopher says, "Eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears". I am surely not going to talk about some criminal case whose culprit is still absconding, but about the most common eye disease, glaucoma, which is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. It is a condition that causes progressive damage to the optic nerve.

Using eye drops may relieve you of the twinge for quite a while, but it is surely not an eternal solution to the problem. Say, if I pour down a drop or two of any of such eye tones in my eyes, the tears that will roll out of my eye balls are definitely going to carry the drug away.

A recent method has been developed by Dr. Anuj Chauhan, a Professor of chemical engineering at the University of Florida, to treat glaucoma, which is hundred times more effective as compared to using the current commercial lenses.

A chemical wall will be created in the lens by the scientists. They will include Vitamin E into the contact lenses and design them in such a way so that a person can wear it continuously for one month. If you are thinking of undergoing such a treatment to treat your glaucoma afflicted eyes, then you must be familiar with how exactly the lenses are going to work.

Chauhan stated, "These vitamin structures are like 'nano-bricks'. The drug molecules can't go through the vitamin E. They must go around it".

The group of Vitamin C molecules form transport barriers, which will slow down the omission of the glaucoma medication from the lens into your eye. Vitamin E will not let the drug molecules go through them. Vitamin structures being much bigger than the drug molecules help in extending the duration of drug release from the lenses. The drug can stay in your eyes far longer than 2-5 minutes with eye-drops, which will surely act as a boon for your eyes.

So, if you are developing symptoms like severe headaches, nausea, pain in or around the eye ball, vomiting and some visual disturbances, you must see a doctor as it can be the onset of this deadly disease.