Finally Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 480 Unveiled

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 480 Unveiled

has been unveiled at last, but the question remains, whether it is fashionably late or just plain late.

Based on Fermi structural design, Nvidia’s feature list is extensive with more than 3 billion transistors, double the dispensation unit of its ancestors and a powerful stress on geometric pragmatism. Nvidia's Fermi page is full of information and manifestations.

The GeForce GTX 480 costs $500, which aims to do well on its own and not just compete with any similar product in the market. The noticeable aim would be the supremacy graphics card winner, ATI's Radeon HD 5870, but that card can normally be available for around $400.

Nvidia has been thrashing the statistical pragmatism drum for some time now, and Heaven's tessellation characteristic set is made for an idyllic examination setting. Hardware tessellation comprises of distributing polygons into tinier pieces.

The problem is related to the video memory. Nvidia's card is filled with 1.5GB of video memory, whereas 5870s are restricted to 1GB.

Nvidia's 3D Vision presently gives support to more than 450 games. The figure keeps rising as developers move forward the technology and progress with it by optimizing a variety of labels with improved 3D surroundings and qualities. (IANS)