Comic Artist Ends Life in Swiss Clinic, Feared of Life Long Disability

John Hicklenton

John Hicklenton, a popular and respected comic artist, who has famed characters like Judge Dredd in his illustrations, died in the Dignitas clinic. He was battling with multiple sclerosis before he ended his life on 19 March at the Swiss assisted suicide clinic. His home town was Brighton, East Sussex. It has been reported that over 100 Britons have travelled lately to the clinic to end their lives.

Through British comic 2000AD, he gained fame for his bizarre figures and also included in his work portfolio is the interpretation of characters like Judge Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock, which have been as iconic characters. It has been reported that he finished one of the drawings before leaving for Dignitas.

He was fondly called Johnny, was a MS campaigner and also was credited with an awarded documentary which recorded his battle against the circumstances. He said, "Drawing is my walking now, I run with it, I fly with it. It's keeping me alive. I can't wait to get a piece of paper with a pen because it's what I can control".

The fear of becoming permanently disabled made him take the decision to end his life at his own will.