HP’s ‘Touchsmart tx2’ aimed at flipping tablet PC market

Marking its first foray into multi-touch notebooks, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has introduced a new laptop computer - TouchSmart tx2 - with multi-touch technology. It is being dubbed as the first multitouch 'tablet' on the market.

TouchSmart tx2 weighs 5 lbs. and ships with Microsoft Windows Vista, 12.1-in. LED screen, rechargeable digital ink pen, and is powered using the AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual-core processor. Its user makes use of hand motions instead of using a keyboard or mouse while manipulating photos, images, music and other applications. Software support, meanwhile, is still far from ubiquitous; and Windows 7's support for multitouch appears, in many ways, the beginning of the adoption process.

In the words of Ted Clark, HP's Notebook Global Business Unit VP and general manager, "Breezing through web sites and enjoying photos or video at the tap, whisk or flick of a finger is an entirely new way to enjoy digital content on a notebook PC. With the introduction of the TouchSmart tx2, HP is providing users an easier, more natural way to interact with their PCs, and furthering touch innovation."

Without doubt, touch screens and multi-touch capability are the industry's designated "hot" technologies for 2009. The technology has been made popular greatly by the Apple iPhone and other similar handhelds.

Though Asus initially beat HP to the punch with a multi-touch notebook PC, but the tx2's screen can pivot, while the Asus offering cannot. Moreover, HP's tx2 is built around AMD processors, which makes for a nice revenue-earning feature for the company.


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