Physical Activities a Must to Improve Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Physical Activities a Must to Improve Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

In a view to tackle Fibromyalgia, that is claimed to affect about 2 percent of the U. S. Population, experts have suggested that small bursts of physical activity can assist in easing its symptoms.

The disease affects more women than men, and those who suffer from the condition develop jitters when they ponder over going for an exercise because they fear that they would worsen their symptoms.

Researchers have proved that adopting 'Lifestyle Physical Activity' (LPA) can significantly boost the average number of steps taken per day and produce clinically marked improvement in perceived disability and pain.

Kevin Fontaine, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who initiated the study along with a team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus, involved 84 fibromyalgia patients in order to discern the effects of 30 minutes of LPA, five to seven days a week, mainly on physical function, pain and other measures of disability in them.

Kevin quoted, "The goal is to get them to accumulate 30 minutes of activity most days of the week", which can be accomplished in two-to-three-minute increments over the course of the day. Fontaine highly emphasis on the inculcation of small daily lifestyle changes by the fibromyalgia patients. In addition, he recommends six main activities to practice on regular basis at a pace strong enough to make you breathe heavily and you can speak easily.

The activities include walking, which he calls a total body exercise, at moderate pace and at controlled intensity. The walking can be done using a pedometer.

In addition, exercises as lifting legs while sitting in a chair one at a time at the knee, making circles with your arms for a minute or two while on a chair can fetch significant results.