Mass production of Samsung’s 256GB SSDs starts

Samsung’s 256GB SSDs startsSamsung Electronics announced on Thursday that its mass production of 256G-byte solid-state drives (SSDs) has started, and in a few months they would make their way to the laptops. Currently 128GB SSDs, priced at around $400, far more expensive than comparable traditional mechanical drives.

The company said that the new SSD doubles sequential data transfers compared to Samsung's earlier SSDs, and offers read rates of 220M bytes per second and write rates of 200M bytes per second. The storage size is close to being on par with current laptop hard drives, and by producing them in mass quantities it should be able to bring the price down dramatically. Potential buyers might also compare prices, and realize that hard-drive capacities are increasing while prices are dropping.

According to Gregory Wong, president of analyst firm Forward Insights, this is a big announcement for laptop users as the 256G-byte SSD is the highest-capacity to date for the consumer electronics market. Wong also said that users may initially pay a premium for the new SSD, elaborating: "Even with NAND flash prices coming down, there will be a sequential premium compared to hard-disk drives."

While hard drives store data on magnetic platters, SSDs, store data on flash memory chips, but are often compared to hard drives. They also have a lesser storage capacity and remain more expensive than hard drives. However, SSDs consume less power and have no moving parts, making them less vulnerable to failure compared to hard drives. The growing adoption of SSDs has erased initial concerns about their durability.