Millions of H1N1 Vaccine Doses to Be Discarded

Millions of H1N1 Vaccine Doses to Be Discarded

It is reported that less than half of the 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccine the Government purchased to combat against the pandemic have been administered, thereby rendering an estimated 71.5 million doses in a position to be discarded if they are kept unused before they expire, despite months of dire warnings and millions spent in taxpayer Dollars.

The federal officials claim that nearly 81 million to 91 million doses of swine flu vaccine were used through the end of February, leaving nearly 138 million doses unused.

They post that nearly 60 million of those will be donated to poor countries or saved keeping in mind the future possibility of requirement. However, doses already in vials and syringes will be discarded if not used before their expiration dates pass.

The prospect of millions of doses of the vaccine being thrown away has emerged as a twist in the $1.6 billion program, revealed as the most ambitious immunization campaign in U. S. history.

However, officials uncover that they were highly gratified with the effort. Between 72 million and 81 million people are estimated to have been immunized.

Keeping in mind the potential seriousness of the disease and the uncertainties linked to the vaccine production, Schuchat posted that there was no other way than to witness some doses go to waste.