HTC‘s Operations Not Affected by Lawsuit

HTC‘s Operations Not Affected by Lawsuit

It was told by Taiwan’s HTC Corp. on Friday, that a lawsuit which was filed against the company by Apple did not affect its operations in any way. The manufacture is the world’s number 5 smartphone maker.

In the news conference, Peter Chou, who is the Chief Executive, said that all this was the part of business and they needed to face it. In this conference, HTC was also busy launching its new smartphones.

HTC was sued by Apple last month, accusing it of violating 20 hardware and software patents related to iPhone. Now the investigation would be done by the U. S. International Trade Commission to see whether HTC has violated Apple’s patents or not.

According to the research firm IDC, HTC ranks behind Nokia Ovi, Blackberry, Apple and Motorola.

It was specified by the U. S. International Trade Commission that today it would move forward with the investigation.

"We have voted to institute an investigation of certain personal data and mobile communications devices and related software. The products at issue in this investigation relate to hardware and software used in mobile communication devices, including but not limited to cellular phones and smartphones", said ITC in its statement.