Massachusetts Takes the Bold Step: Rejects Hike in Healthcare Cost!

Massachusetts Takes the Bold Step: Rejects Hike in Healthcare Cost!

So Gov. Patrick has become the first person to actually outright reject any healthcare costs that might come as a result of the healthcare reform. The Governor has stood firm on his promise of rejecting any added costs that might irk the people of his area, and he has been given kudos for the same.

Here are some from our side too!

"We're seeking to try to give some relief to working families and to small businesses. or a long time, policy makers have been defeated by the complexity of it, so what we're trying to do is pierce through", the Governor said.

The people are very happy, but the insurance firms have called the rejection "arbitrary and capricious". Certainly no surprises there we say! Also, they are stressing that the rejection of the increase would really hurt them as they have already negotiated contracts with all the healthcare providers.

Can we just say - serves them right? Insurance companies have really hit people where it hurts the most during these economically tough times. When people were struggling to simply get-by everyday and keep their simple coverage plans, all thanks to the unemployment and financial crunch, the insurance firms went ahead to raise premium rates.

It was probably one of the most hurtful things and led to a full-blown Congressional enquiry. And after having done this, the insurers actually feel that they have the right to tell the people that they will be suffering losses. We don't think so!

Coming back to the increases rejected by MA, as many as 235 of the total 274 were rejected by Gov. Patrick. Looks like he had managed to find just the things to keep his popularity at an all time high and make the people happy.

Critics are continuing their protest and calling Mr. Patrick's move something which is completely unnecessary, but no one seems to care!