Hurdles in Prostate Cancer Prevention

Hurdles in Prostate Cancer Prevention

According to reports, detection of prostate cancer at an early stage can prove beneficial since most of the times this lethal cancer is diagnosed when the patient has reached an advanced level when nothing vital can be done.

It mainly affects older men, while most men detected with it are liable to die of other causes. It kills tens of thousands of men yearly, but comparatively less than people suffering from colon cancer, lung cancer or breast cancer.

This cancer that normally hits older men has made screening, diagnosis and treatment very tricky.

It is important that awareness about this disease should be widely spread. Elderly people (aged 50 and above) should regularly go for frequent screenings. Also people with a history of the disease in their family should start going for screenings at an earlier stage.

An extensive research that came out in this week's New England Journal of Medicine reveals that dutasteride, sold under the brand name Avodart, is likely to lower the incidence of prostate cancer in some men. This has grabbed lot of media attention.

Study's Lead Author, Gerald Andriole of Washington University's school of medicine in St. Louis, Mo., said, "This is good news for a lot of men".

Dr. Andriole said that the drug does not actually evade cancer, but minimizes reasonably harmless tumors or restrains their growth so that they essentially prevent biopsy detection.

Avodart may help in controlling prostrate cancer to some extent but it will definitely take lot of efforts to put a stop on this life-threatening disease that is responsible for increasing mortality rates.