Windows 7 Upgrade Deals Offered by Microsoft

Windows 7 Upgrade Deals Offered by Microsoft

Microsoft had been keeping a secret which is that a computer can be easily upgraded from one edition of Windows 7 to another one with a feature called ‘Windows Anytime Upgrade’.

Computers which run on Windows 7 contain each one of the features of the high-end exclusive version integrated in it. A feature called Windows Anytime Upgrade allows its user to buy a code and undo fresh features, a procedure that the software manufacturer says can be completed in just a matter of 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not been able to get much luck in informing users about such interesting upgrades.

The software manufacturer is hopeful to modify that with an endorsement which is going to start on Sunday.

Some sellers are going to offer those who are purchasing a latest computer the chance to purchase a low-priced upgrade to a higher-end edition of Windows 7.

In the U. S., two offers are available, although not all sellers would be offering both. Those who would buy a computer with Windows 7 Starter would be able to change from that edition to Windows 7 Home Premium for $49, in comparison to $79, whilst a shift from Home Premium to Professional would be sold for $79 in contrast to the standard $89.