Scot Dentist Uses Single Painless Jag for Needle-Phobic Patients

Scot Dentist Uses Single Painless Jag for Needle-Phobic Patients

According to reports, a cosmetic dentist is the first in Scotland to use a new pain free jag for patients having a fear for needles.

Dr. Biju Krishnan, who operates Lubiju in Edinburgh, expects to make his firm as a centre of brilliance for the QuickSleeper system that immediately numbs teeth with a single injection.

He states that the system signifies that the patients feel only a small sensation since it injects straight into the tooth, instead of the gum.

He said that bone barely has any nerve endings so patients will not feel anything. Not only is it entirely sans pain, but it also anesthetizes the teeth being worked on, not the cheeks or lips.

Krishnan added, “As well as benefitting the patient, for the dentist it is fantastic that up to eight teeth can be numbed at once, where previously a single injection per tooth was required”.

Paul McPherson, supplier of Quicksleeper in Scotland for General Medical said that kids and those with phobias of the dentist will gain most from the advancement.

He said that many people who visit the dentist, have a huge fear of the injection. Their new advancement in anesthetics makes the injection painless, so they think it will help both patients and dentists.

Dr. Krishnan and colleague Dundee University graduate, Dr. Lubino do Rego, established Lubiju in March 2009.