Doctor’s to be erased from UK’s Medical Register

Doctor’s to be erased from UK’s Medical Register

On Wednesday, April 7 it will be demanded by the lawyers to erase the names of 3 doctors' from the UK medical register who were involved in the MMR-autism case. The 3 doctors are guilty for the research they had performed on children with autism without the approval from the Ethics committee.

It has been told by the lawyers that the hearing was about the about the security of the MMR vaccination policy and to crush the dispute, the case has been driven by a plan, which serves the government and the pharmaceutical companies and is not for the welfare of the children.

They also said that no complaints had been launched by the parents against any doctors engaged in this case.

Professors Walker-Smith and Murch said that they found a new way to treat a new intestinal disease syndrome with autism. This treatment would help the suffering children around the world. They said that instead of celebrating this they are being disparaged in the press.

The doctor said that losing his medical license was a loss to his medical career. He also mentioned that as far as these children need help, he would continue his work.

It was committed by Dr Andrew Wakefield who is an academic gastroenterologist that he would do some research on the role of intestinal inflammation and dysfunction in childhood development disorders.