Depression Can be Treated by Regular Excercise

Depression Can be Treated by Regular Excercise

Anxiety related disorders and depression can be treated by doing exercise. Doctors prescribe patients to do exercise along with the medical treatment.

Jasper Smits, Director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program said, "Exercise has been shown to have tremendous benefits for those suffering from mental health disorders. The more doctors are trained in exercise therapy, faster the patients would recover".

A lot of population based studies, clinical studies and meta-analytic reviews have concluded that exercise is related to mental health, according to Smits and his colleagues.

Exercise programs are effective in reducing depression and anxiety, according to the review of the researchers.

Conventional medical treatments of cognitive behavioral therapy fail to filter down to all levels of the society. Exercise is useful for people who can't get traditional therapies as they are costly and sometimes beyond knowledge.

People who do regular exercise become more focused and do something meaningful in their life. Exercise affects like an antidepressant, particular neurotransmitter systems in the brain, which consequently helps patients with depression in re-establishing positive behaviors.

Besides treating depression exercise also makes the body flexible, improves sleeping patterns, keeps blood pressure in check and helps increase bone strength.