Males Not As Serious As Females about Sexually Transmitted Infections

Males Not As Serious As Females about Sexually Transmitted Infections

It is being preached since a long time that unprotected sex can cause a number of sexual infections, which can have dangerous consequences. This applies to both males and females, but a survey has revealed that men are more careless about such things than females.

It is really a matter of concern that among 3,000 people who bought "chlamydia testing kits" online, it was found that the infection was detected by 13% of male customers and 6% of female customers. This means the men have been found to be infected almost twice the number of times as females. It should also be highlighted in this context, that when the same number of males was questioned, they clearly admitted having unprotected sex, that too with more than on partner in the last five years. On the other hand, when females were asked the same, only 7% of them were found to be involved in unprotected sex with one.

Another threatening fact is that males prefer to wait for one or the other symptom, which might indicate that they are infected, prior to consulting a doctor of seeking any medical help. This is evident from a survey that stated that less than 28% of men were screened for Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs, while number of females screened reached 38%.

There prevails a need of awareness among people, regarding the risks of having such infections. Chlamydia is a bacterial sexual infection and medical awareness needs to be spread that if not detected in time for proper treatment, the infection can also result fertility problems.

People need to take sexually transmitted diseases more seriously as by not consulting a doctor for the same puts both male and the female partners at risk.