Health insurers Blame State Health Regulators of Acting Illegally

Health insurers Blame State Health Regulators of Acting Illegally

ObamaCare policy will have problems in its implementations nationwide and this was apparently evident after the ongoing tiff between health insurers and state health commissioner turned even more intense.

The decision of filing litigation against Insurance Commissioner Joseph G. Murphy, openly shows the resentment because of denial of 235 out of 274 proposed premium hikes. This action was taken by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, which is the largest insurer in the state along with the five commercial members of the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans that include non-profit carriers Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Fallon Community Health Plan, Neighborhood Health Plan and Health New England.

The hikes that were proposed were scheduled to get effective on 1 April. It was done for covering individuals and smaller business. The legal action taken yesterday will be a stage for further controversies as it involves health insurance industry and the health regulators.

The law suit will be filed in Massachusetts Superior Court in Boston on Thursday. On one hand, where the insurers are unhappy from the decision as they wanted the base rates to elevate to 32%, the rulings by Murphy are being supported by Barbara Anthony, Undersecretary of the State Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, as she said that commissioner has all the rights of denying any excessive rates that he finds are not appropriate. Insurers are blaming and stating the state insurance division of deciding against their proposal as "illegal".

It can only be guessed from this blame-game that Murphy's decision will have to face a strong opposition.