BMW M3 GT2 to Run at Le Mans Endurance Race in June

BMW M3 GT2 to Run at Le Mans Endurance Race in June

The white colored BMW M3 GT2, which had been displayed in a vast New York retail outlet, looked shiny and well built, yet something was a little ordinary for a race car like that.

This car would be difficult to identify, when it is in a competition with the other race cars in France at Le Mans Endurance Race competition.

The introductory blueprint released today by American artist Jeff Koons, who was hit by the German automobile manufacturer to craft its 17th Art Car, displayed an outburst of colors placed adjacent to black background.

The car will be showcased and signed by Koons at the Centre Pompidou which is in Paris on 1st June.

If seen for the first time, Koon's idea looks somewhat like a spin paint art work by artiste Damien Hirst. It has beams of apple green, powder blue, plum and orange bursting out from the center.

Koon spoke his mind when he described what the inspiration was behind this wonder. He saw a picture of a Christmas tree garland, where if one pulls it, one sees the splashes of light.