Fruits and Veggies Might not be as Glorious as Claimed

Fruits and Veggies Might not be as Glorious as Claimed

The next time someone tells you about why you need to put down that piece of chicken and stick to the ages old "five a day" diet routine to keep cancer at bay, please do not listen as a latest research has revealed that a diet of fruits and veggies might not be as beneficial and wondrous when it comes to offering cancer protection as has been claimed time and again.

The findings have come after a team of international scientists followed about half a million Europeans and observed their eating habits. The end result - only some 2.5% of the cancers can be prevented by the "five a day" routine.

"A very small inverse association between intake of total fruits and vegetables and cancer risk was observed in this study. Given the small magnitude of the observed associations, caution should be applied in their interpretation", the study authors noted.

The study has stressed that the link between cancer and fruits and vegetables is "weak".

While this might come as a rude shock to vegetarians and those who try and live on the "healthy" fruits diet, it looks like the non-veg lovers will be very happy.

The results of the study have been well received, but experts have still been quick to assert that a wholesome diet of fruits, veggies and proper nutrients is very essential, only one should now think that he/she is now protected against cancer just because they have been living the green way of life.

In order to live a healthy life and keep problems like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer at bay, one should follow a routine mixed with proper diet and regular exercise. Giving up meat or that single glass of wine which you enjoy once a day is not the solution. Just follow the rule of excess of everything is bad, and you are set!