CDC’s Report Show a Decline of 2% in US Birthrates

CDC’s Report Show a Decline of 2% in US Birthrates

Figures that have been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclose the figure of births in the country have declined for the first instance since the start of the decade.

The decline could be seen in almost all age groups, from teenagers to females in their 30s.

An examination by the CDC and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics established that on the whole birth rate knocked down by 2% in the country when 4.25 million babies had been born, a fall from 4.32 million births the preceding year.

The universal fertility rate, which measures births between women aged 15 to 44, also plunged in 2008 to 68.7 for each 1,000.

A portion of good news that had also been found was that teen birth rate also dropped by 2%.

Though there are many vague reasons which could be responsible for the drop in birth rate but experts opine that the doctors' attempt to take pregnancies to entire term and put a limit to manifold births in embryos which are implanted in non-natural reproduction attempts are mainly the cause of low birth rates or the drop which has been seen.

Even the birth rate in unmarried females saw a drop of 2% in the year 2009. In contrast to this, the caesarian delivery rates showed a noteworthy increase for the 12th consecutive year with a percentage as high as 32.3.

Other reasons for the drop in birth rates which have been mentioned by experts include the 'Economic Slump' which hampered each nation's growth. No matter it is related to monetary growth or some other aspect of life, financial crisis rigorously affected every individual.

Economic downturn could very much be responsible for the decrease which has been seen in terms of birth rate. The unemployment problems or in simple words 'joblessness' has forced every person to rethink about the plans that they had made regarding expanding their families.