No Bias Against the Obese, Doctors are not Evil!

No Bias Against the Obese, Doctors are not Evil

Sometime back it was all over the news - obese and overweight people do not end up getting the same amount of care and attention at hospitals and by doctors as patients with normal body weight do. While this was, we must say, somewhat weird and shocking, it did come across as something which is truly unbelievable.

Just how biased are doctors? We never thought they could turn out to be this evil!

Well, turns out, they are not. Poor people were just being targeted for no fault of their own. A recent study has revealed that there is no such thing as obese and overweight people getting bad quality services. Actually they get the same amount of care and treatment quality as normal weight people.

In some cases, the care is even better.

When we first heard that doctors are suppose to be this biased, we were upset, but then we thought about it and realized that it is, dare we say, a ridiculous claim! Turns out we were right! And we are happy.

The latest findings have come as the key to understanding why the risk of death linked to obesity is not as high as it should have been.

While it is true that some doctors might harbor some negative feelings towards obesity in general, they do not let it interfere with their services. Some might let that happen, so we need to track these people down and have a serious discussion with them!